The Lady Behind the Blog

Stephanie is a 27-year-old freelance writer living in South Philadelphia with her very badly behaved clan of animals. She has a soft spot for abandoned furniture from the ’70’s, ugly dogs, roller-skating, Belgium beer, and feminist theory. She does not cook.


4 responses to “The Lady Behind the Blog

  1. Stephanie,
    Hello! I’m a producer/journalist in New York, and am contacting you after coming across your Blog when searching for stories about young people moving back home in the recession.
    I’d welcome the chance to speak with you for a really interesting project I’m working on – a series of short films about Gen Y and their financial pressures. For it, we’d like to address this phenomenon – and are looking for young people who are willing to share their experience of being at home again.
    The project – Your Money Story – is being produced by an Academy Award-winning filmmaker (Tom Lennon) and is backed by a national foundation in NY (see our Web site for more information at
    If you have the time, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could send me a quick note to with the best time/number to reach you. I realize you’re not at home, but perhaps – as our Blog indicates – you might have some friends in this position?
    Cheers & thanks for your time
    Molly Raskin
    Associate Producer, Your Money Story

  2. Hey Stephanie, Juan here (the Baby Scream guy)
    I loved your last review!
    Just wanted to let you know that we have a new cd and a new single, they are going to be out on Eternal Sunday Records (Argentina)
    It is an awesome cd and we love your reviews, I will have the physical cd in about a month and will be able to send it to you, in the meantime I can send you a download link and a secret promo web page (just for press, of course, it includes both the single and the cd and and release newsletters)
    Download link :
    Secret Promo Webpage :

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