Gen Y – the Slasher Generation

Gen Y is a generation of many hats. Four years ago, when I first graduated from college, I was working three jobs in order to support myself. I was a secretary/bartender/freelance writer. When people asked what exactly I did for a living, I always told them that I was either a writer or barmaid, I never said both. But more and more people in their twenties and thirties are becoming jacks of all trades and are not shy about introducing themselves that way.

Gen Y is now known as the “Slasher Generation.” We hold down an entire string of jobs in order to pay the rent. We’re no longer simply lawyers or baristas or musicians, we’re now teacher/server/screenwriter. An engineer might be a freelance graphic designer in his spare time or a waitress might be the author of a popular foodie blog.

The Baby Boomers didn’t have the luxury of dabbling in many professions. They were locked down with families, babies and mortgages all by the age of 25, so stability was their number one priority. The members of Generation Y are putting off marriage and using those open years to discover what they want to do, thus creating multiple titles for themselves.

Many members of Gen U prefer the flexibility of holding down many titles. We’re discovering the beauty of contract and freelance work and leaving the 9-5ers behind.

The end result will be a work force that can play multiple roles and more people working for numerous companies instead of just one.


2 responses to “Gen Y – the Slasher Generation

  1. Really interesting post! We often post about how Gen Y is extremely apathetic about current affairs, but it’s great to hear another perspective that maybe we just value different endeavours to previous generations. Would love to hear your thoughts on our opinions of current events from a Gen Y perspective.

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