Baby Scream Reinventing the Local Indie Scene

Baby Scream is an indie band from Argentina who is gaining success in the States. Founded in 2002, Baby Scream took the road less traveled and followed their dreams of playing music for a living. The band’s new self-titled album was released last December in the UK. I recently interviewed Juan Pablo Mazzola, lead singer.

What first got you interested in music? Is this something you’ve always known you wants to do?
Yeah, I couldn’t stop listening to music when I was a kid, a lot of cassettes back in the day. I would listen to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and some Rod Stewart cassettes, Iron Maiden and jazz music. Then I discovered radio at age 12.

Where do you draw your inspirations from? Why?

Life, hours, moments.
I don’t know why, I think I need to do it, like a path of something.

Is it hard being away from home while on the road touring? What are some of the best/worst experiences you’ve had?

I did some tourin in Germany in 2007, had a good time because I became close with a lot of people there, I guess friendship must be included when you are touring.
I’ve had the worst experiences in Argentina but also the greatest ones, probably the worst was playing in front of 2 people or maybe this was the greatest one?

Can you tell me about your album? What is your favorite song on it and what’s the story behind that song?

Yeah, my new cd is going to be out in the U.K.  on OK! Records. It is simply called “Baby Scream” and features 10 songs, classic Rock and Powerpop stuff.
Eric Dover (Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Alice Cooper) plays guitar and sings backing vocals on a song called “The Ghosts Of Valerie.”
It was recorded between Buenos Aires and Los Angeles and it was produced by Muddy Stardust who also produced Brian Jonestown Massacre.


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  1. Hipsters.

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