How Gen Y is Changing Marketing Strategies

As we enter into a new year and businesses are still trucking through the economic woes of a slushy economy, an interesting piece of news has come to surface about the social and new media consumption of Gen Y. L2, a think tank that focuses on digital modernization, released a study that analyzed the media utilization of twenty and thirty-somethings. The studies revealed that 81% of the prosperous Gen Y audience logs onto some sort of social networking site multiple times a day. Another interesting aspect of the study was Gen Y’s affinity to “like” certain types of brands and companies on Facebook.

Over ¾ of the people polled in the study “like” a brand on Facebook.

Following a close second to Gen Y’s love of social networking sites is their attraction to blogs.

“If baby boomers are the TV generation, then Gen Y is the blog generation,” the study reported.

The great thing about blogs is that they give their audience the chance to interact with the creator of the blog. It is not just a one way street where readers simply scan over the opinions of one person. They have the authority now to share their own opinions and critiques and create a discussion on various topics.

What is the lesson businesses can learn from this? Instead of investing millions of dollars in television and print ads, start turning your attention to more interactive platforms for your brand. Develop a Facebook page where potential customers can opt to “like” your brand. If you do want to include a video advertisement, post something on Youtube. This still allows people to interact with your message and has the old school allure of a regular television ad.

Gen Y is changing the way products are being marketed in today’s high tech world. What do you think marketing agencies should do differently to draw more potential customers?


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