Sometimes you still need your parents’ help

I am a big girl. I am house-broken, receive a weekly paycheck, know how to drive a car, and open a bottle of wine. Yet, despite all of the things that I can do on my own, there are still some things that I need my parents to help me with, ie taxes. The picture to the right shows just exactly what I was dealing with…

I just have no idea where to begin. Once I recieved all of my forms, including the one from my fulltime job and the 12 billion other ones from multiple freelancing gigs, I lay them out on the kitchen table, looked them over once, and allowed them to sit there for two weeks until I visited my parents for my mom’s birthday. Once back at home, I handed my father the wrinkled pile (which had 14 days worth of dust and cat hair on it) and said, “Help me.”

No matter how old or how independent you are, you will always at some point need advice from your parents. And you shouldn’t feel bad about asking them for help once in awhile. It’s all part of this growing up, navigating the world thing. Your parents are your North Star. They are there to help hold your hand and lead the way.

I call my parents roughly three-four times a day. My father even set their landline phone to have a special ring tone when I call, just so my mother can know to avoid picking up if she wants to. I think it’s Farmer in the Dell, or maybe the shower-scene music from Psycho.


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