Texting under the influence (aka the 21st century love letter)

Back in the day, when exposed ankles were considered scandalous and corsets were all the rage, men paid troubadours to compose and perform love songs for the object of their affection. Now a days, ladies receive a run-on sentence along the lines of ‘Hiiii I’m drunkh I like youu a lottf I shoulddnt haveg drunk that last whiskey and tomic let’s makeout” message in their inbox at 2:08 am. How romantic.

Drunk texting (which sometimes can border line on sexting depending on how desperate the guy is) has become a regular weekend occurance for a lot of twenty-somethings. So much so that some phones offer devices that help prevent texting or dialing under the influence. 

Virgin Mobile  launched a service five years ago to prevent “dialing under the influence.”  Under the system, Virgin Mobile customers could nominate a phone number they did not trust themselves to avoid calling or texting when drunk. That number would then be “blacklisted” until 6am the following day, preventing any “accidental” drunken communications.

 Drunk texting is the 21st century equivalent to the Elizabethian-era sonnet. As soon as the bar lights come on and people realize they’re probably going to go home alone, they’ll open up their phones and start pouring their hearts out into empty inboxes. It’s the desperation mixed with the loneliness mixed with alcohol, and it’s usually pretty hysterical to wake-up to the next morning, unless you’re the sender, then it’s downright embarrassing.


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