My mother used to have this friend who owned a dozen or so birds. One of the parrots, an African Grey, was half bald on its front side. I remember my mother telling me that when birds were stressed or bored, they’d pluck their own feathers out. I can totally relate.

Lately it seems that everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. I am behind on bills, my back hurts, I’ve gained some weight, I haven’t seen my friends in what feels like ages, work has been insane, the dog has fleas, and I want to grab both sides of my head and scream.

I am a stressful person by nature. Just ask any of my 58483828281 ex-boyfriends and they’ll nod their heads in agreement. My brain is constantly going 150 MPH. I’ve tried therapy, breathing exercises, medication, yoga, even meditation. None of that worked. Especially the meditation. I found myself peeking through my eyelids at the clock every five seconds hoping the hour was up.

It is scientifically proven that constant stress does lead to a shorter lifespan. It raises your blood-pressure, is often a gateway to depression, and affects all other aspects of your life. Twenty-somethings, it seems, are more prone to stress than any other age group. We are trying to juggle blossoming careers, embarrassingly low incomes, busy social lives, going to the gym, dating, etc. etc. etc. We sometimes burn both ends of the candle and forget to sleep. Just the other day I found myself face-first on my keyboard at work and 23 pages of the letter ‘Y’ had been typed where my forehead lay.

You cannot let your worries rule your life. Enjoy yourself. Do not spend time thinking about your bills or any other problems every hour of everyday. The problem will still be there when you wake up in the morning, so why even bother thinking about it the night before? Take a deep breath, and just plow right through it instead of dwelling. Birds look prettier with feathers anyway.


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