Spend V-day with Philly

I loathe Valentine’s Day. For me, the holiday of love has been a day of awkward, half-assed attempts at wooing me. Last year, my then boyfriend took me to see the Monster Truck show with a group of mutual friends. Nothing says “I love you” quite like being surrounded by a stadium full of mullets and beer cans while a colossal truck called Grave Digger runs over five station-wagons in a row. I forgot to bring earplugs and couldn’t hear anything for days. When I was in high school, my significant other bought me a bag of processed shrimp instead of a dozen roses. I don’t even like seafood.

            This year, however, I am single on Valentine’s Day for the first time in half a decade. And guess what? I don’t care! I plan on spending the day with my city. The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is offering a tour of the Love Letter Project, a rooftop mural project consisting of more than 50 murals from 45th to 63rd streets along the Market Street corridor.

            The tour departs from the LOVE Park LOVE sculpture and participants take a ride on the El train to see the murals from a great vantage point. Guests will be provided with a map of the murals and also accompanied by a knowledgeable Mural Arts Program tour guide.

           So this year, if you’re single and hate Hallmark cards, schedule a date with Philadelphia.


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