I am now only four years away from being (gasp) 30

So yesterday I turned 26. I may or may not be considered in my mid twenties anymore, though I’d like to think that I still am. As my older sister so eloquently put it, “the next four years will be a downward plunge towards 30.”

Turning 30, to me, always seemed very old. I was under the impression that if MTV did not acknowledge your existence, then you simply did not matter. People in their 30’s were married and lived in suburbia, drove minivans or station-wagons and wore spandex jeans. They had back pain and 50 hour work weeks and low metabolisms and were, to put it bluntly, boring. 

I thought people had to have themselves entirely together before they reached that dreaded third decade. They had to be locked in a particular career, have a spouse, not go out to bars, and have a weekend subscription to the NYT. Being 30 meant that you were a responsible, full-fledged adult. 

One thing that have I noticed, and that I am looking forward to, is that there is a lot less drama when you’re in your late twenties and thirties. People start slimming down their social circles to only include the people that really matter, and in doing so, they become better friends themselves. 

So hopefully, I’ll be able to find myself within the next four years. I can figure out what I want out of relationships, a career, and above all, what I want out of myself. And so what if MTV is apathetic towards people above the age of 24? That channel sucks anyway…


2 responses to “I am now only four years away from being (gasp) 30

  1. how interesting, i turned 25 yesterday :).

    i hope 30 doesn’t mean i gotta have my shit together ’cause it really isn’t looking too good right now.. haha. sigh.

    happy belated birthday!

  2. I have your birthday card here… it will be late… seeing as your birthday has already happened thats pretty much a given… i suck! sorry! Bexx

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