Led Zeppelin Tribute Band Get the Led Out to Play at Electric Factory 12/11

Everybody likes a good cover band. People draw enjoyment from listening to songs that they know and singing along to lyrics that they adore. Cover bands, however, are a dime a dozen in the city of Philadelphia. Get the Led Out though, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, stands out from the crowd. They are just a group of guys playing the music they love and making money while doing it.

“We play the music as ourselves,” band member Paul Hammond said, “We love the music and this translates to our fans. They know that what we’re playing is authentic.”

“The crowds and people are really into it,” Hammond commented, “That’s why we love playing in Philly. The fans here are  really passionate and if they know that what you’re going is good, they’ll get behind you 100 percent.”

The members of Get the Led Out created the band in 2003 and have been rocking ever since. They’ve done extensive touring of the east coast and have cultivated a loyal following.

If you crave the Led Zeppelin experience, Get the Led Out may just be the next best thing. They will be playing at the Electric Factory this Friday, 12/11.


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