Mistletoe Madness

Christmas is always a tough time for single people. It kind of has the same affect on us when all of the people in our lives get twitterpated in the spring and start pairing up. A crack starts running through the independence that you’ve spent months cultivating and you suddenly crave couple-dom. You want to cuddle up with somebody under a huge blanket and watch bad sitcoms while the Christmas tree sparkles in the corner. But where can a girl meet a guy other than the few bars she haunts and match.com?

 Top Hat Bar has our back. Their annual Mistletoe Madness event is designed for twenty and thirty-something singles to mix and mingle. Conveniently located at 247 Market Street in Old City, Top Hat will provide their patrons with plenty of drink and food specials and a DJ to set the mood. Some of the specials will include a complimentary first drink, delicious complimentary appetizers to enjoy, prizes and giveaways, fun icebreaker, and plenty of mistletoe to get you in the holiday spirit!

            Top Hat’s Mistletoe Madness will take place on Wednesday, December 16th at 7:00 PM. For more information please visit http://mistletoemadness.eventbrite.com.


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