The reveal of a pin-up style calendar, called “Charlie’s Rippers.” Just in time for Halloween!


“The Charlie’s Rippers calendar is a collection of narrative photographs depicting 12 of the most notorious killers in history. All of our models are locals of Philadelphia, featuring Reggie Bugmuncher of Olde City Sideshow, Stephanie Weaver of the Philly Roller Girls’ Fresh Meat Team, and Morgan Mae of Burning Angel.

Charlie’s Rippers takes “pin-up” to a new level, where each image tells the gory tales of each murderer.  Each model and set is styled to represent the look and era of the killer depicted, from the BTK Killer and bondage fetish to Jack Ripper’s penchant for common prostitutes. Each image includes a quote from the actual killer, leaving the viewer hungry for more knowledge of the crimes. The details of the calendar continue even further into the grids, where holidays have been replaced with facts of the killers chosen; such as birth dates, death dates and crime dates. We even included a page that shows photos of the actual killers.  It’s creepy, sexy, provocative, and it has a great sense of humor.

Join us at our wrap party 10/27/2009 10PM at: North 3rd Restaurant, 801 N 3rd Street, Philadelphia PA 19123.  Here, you will have the opportunity to view/purchase the completed calendar and talk with the creator Charlie Ripper, each of her models, and production staff which includes Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, creators of the Black Cherry Bombshells and LaMorte Sisters on Zuda Comics.  

All press and media inquiries can be forwarded to for an immediate response. ”


This is going to be so, so sweet and just in time for Halloween! Yours truly will be one of the pinup girls featured in this awesome calendar which is all shot right here in Philly. Come out, support the girls, support local business, and have a rockin’ good time!


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