Philly based comic turns the city into a vampire orphanage

lamorte_promo_1Ghouls just want to have fun. And with Halloween right around the corner and a newfound interest in vampires and zombies, South Philly-based comic writers, Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, are doing just that with their new series, LaMorte Sisters’ Vampire Orphanage. 

“LaMorte Sisters is a much more personal story for us.  It’s about South Philly, frienemies and growing up fast,” says Johnny Zito.

Partnering up with them is Christine Larsen, previously of Teddy Scares  [APE Entertainment] and professor of sequential art.  “Christine is amazing.  She draws the creepiest vampires and the cutest, black cats.  There’s a cinematic flow to her story telling that captures you,” boasts Tony Trov.

Be sure to check out LaMorte Sisters when it debuts Friday, October 16th at 10:30 am on Zuda Comics. For all further inquires please contact for an immediate response.


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