The Boy Who Cried Sympathy

crying-boyI have noticed a new disturbing yet fascinating trend amongst twenty-something males lately. It involves them feigning mental illness or some other form of emotional/physical injury to gain sympathy from women and in turn, getting laid.

The “wounded puppy” approach to picking up women is a total 180 from the door holding, coat taking white knight stereotype that most women are used to. The wounded puppy game plays up to a woman’s maternal side, making her want to rescue, nurture, and coddle the male in question. Think lioness allowing a paraplegic monkey to nurse from her.

I have a younger male friend who is always playing the woe-is-me card. And sadly enough, it works. This baby-faced, Bambi-eyed guy won me over immediately after he said  he had been in a mental institution, was being beaten by his girlfriend, and drank himself to sleep nightly. Even though I hate children, all of my nurturing instincts kicked in. This guy, who three minutes earlier wasn’t that appealing to me, now shone with the brightness of  a million suns. He and all of his mental baggage were simply dreamy.  I had made it my mission to rescue him. I wanted to be his Florence Nightingale. 

Of course, it didn’t work out. I got tired of his constant irritability and drama and he stayed with his girlfriend (who, by the way, was eight years his senior and treated him more like a son than a boyfriend). But the experience did teach me to be aware of men like him, men who pretend to be wounded so women want to save them.


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