Pamplonada – Festiva de San Miguel

Not enough fiestas on your social calendar this month?  Then come join Cantina ‘Dos Segundos’ on Thursday September 17th for our second annual celebration of “Pamplonada”, the festival of San Miguel, Mexico’s yearly running of the bulls

Pamplonada is a wild, tequila-infused party on a par with Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The holiday is observed in San Miguel, Mexico, a small city on the Mexican Altiplano, between Mexico’s Independence Day and the Day of San Miguel de Archangel, the city’s patron saint. The name Pamplonada is a direct homage to Pamplona, Spain, where the running of the bulls originated.  

Our own festival Pamplonada starts at 9pm and goes all night. DJs Kyle Miller of “Ten Commandments” and Joel from the “Rocktits” crew will be spinning soul, traditional reggae and rock classics. Discounted drinks and prizes await guests attending inwestern wear and rodeo gear.
 For more information visit: <>


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