Temper-tantrum from the cubicle jungle

cubicle“They’ve moved my desk four times already this year. And I used to be over by the window and I could see the squirrels and they were married.” – Milton, Office Space


When it comes to my career, I have always set the bar unrealistically high for myself. I had visions of a 20th floor corner office overlooking center city with cushy chairs and flat screen monitors. Now, here I sit, in a 10×8 concrete square with no windows and an uncomfortable chair that makes my back tense up and ache for days. 

My company has moved my desk three times in the past four months. I started off with a panoramic view of the parking-lot, a houseplant  and a MAC. When the responsibilities were loaded on and I had to start working from two computers (a PC and a MAC), I got my own cute little “office” with a prison cell-sized window and a fake tree. Today, however, they informed me that I would be moved yet again. Buh-bye sunlight. Hello florescent lights, new boss, and muscle spasms.


One response to “Temper-tantrum from the cubicle jungle

  1. There is something totally wrong with today’s working environment when we get pains from being stationary. I’ve had carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and back pain as well, so I commiserate with you. Maybe throwing a real temper tantrum would give your back the stretching it needs.

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