Is that free curb-side futon really worth your physical well-being?

craigslistWhile some thieves are still relying on the ol’ hide-behind-a-bush-and-beat-you-with-a-crowbar technique to mug people, others are becoming more tech-savvy  and using poor Craig to do their dirty work.  The Philadelphia Police Department is warning the public that there has been a rise in local Craigslist-related muggings. The perpetrator places an ad on Craigslist selling a product; when the victim agrees to meet the perp to see or buy the product, an ambush occurs and the victim is robbed, usually at gunpoint. So far, three such robberies have occurred, though police haven’t yet determined if they are related. Be careful and follow the advice of the Police Department: Meet the seller in a high-visibility public space I.E. Starbucks, a bar, etc., and never go by yourself. 


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