20 somethings could care less about Swine Fly.

So,  the World Health Organization declared a swine flu pandemic today, which would make this the first global flu epidemic in 41 years. Nearly 30,000 people have been infected and 144 have died (including one person in Philadelphia). 

And do yanno what my reaction to all of this global disease stuff is? Meh. I’m actually more concerned about the fact that the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew has been recently shooting episodes for their upcoming season in Philly. Oh, Mac, you’re so dreamy…

I think people my age are still stuck in that “I’m going to live forever” teenager mentality and don’t really worry about things like impending doom. We’re all so sucked into our own personal drama (i.e. who’d Sarah go home with on Friday night, am I ever going to get that promotion, OMG he didn’t call! etc.)  that we could care less about global issues. Pfft, what swine flu?

Also, I think this whole swine flu thing is ridiculous. There has been and always will be disease, forever and always. It’s just something that’s part of life, like bad backs and dull pencil points. It’s just something else we have to learn how to deal with. And by freaking out and airing it on the news every single night and giving people nightmares we are not accomplishing anything. Really, relax people. 

What’re your thoughts, dear readers? Do you care? Do you wash you hands 659493 times a day now and wear a gas-mask to work? I want to hear your thoughts…


One response to “20 somethings could care less about Swine Fly.

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