Never Get a Place with Your Boyfriend & Other Tidbits of Advice

My significant other and I decided to get a place together 6 months ago. My lease on my  house was up, he still lived with his parents, and we had been dating for almost a year prior, so we both thought it was a lovely idea. We ended up finding a huge two bedroom apartment in South Philly with hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings, and an awesome view of center city, and all for a reasonable price. 

We spent months exploring the different thrift stores in the area, trying to find unique items of furniture and decor. We soon found ourselves the proud new adoptive parents of a four year old Bulldog and an old swing-back Victorian couch, complete with velvet lining and wooden feet. It was perfect.

And then last week he lost his job and suddenly playing house wasn’t so fun anymore. He isn’t content on just getting any old job to make end’s meet. He wants something in the healthcare industry.  Problem is, he doesn’t even have his college degree. Plus, he had worked under the table for a year so he wasn’t going to be able to qualify for fun-employment. I don’t make enough money at my company to carry both of us through this, and thus the arguing started. 

I was never capable of being a supportive individual for very long. I will be there for my friends at the drop of a hat, day or night, no questions asked, but only for a certain amount of time. It is my belief that people must move on quickly. Do not look back. Do not return to the scene of the crime. Do not mope. Pull yourself together and march on. Take care of your responsibilities. 

My advice to you, dear reader, is to not go into a lease with a boyfriend/girlfriend unless you are both financially stable. You cannot rely on each other completely because things do happen. Jobs are lost. People do break up. And another roommate is not always readily available to help pick up the economic pieces.


3 responses to “Never Get a Place with Your Boyfriend & Other Tidbits of Advice

  1. Good article and good point made! Especially in this economy where you don’t know if you will have a job tomorrow! Supportive is one thing..but supporting is another!

  2. Not to be rude, but he still lived with his parents… None of this should surprise you.

  3. Re: None of this should have happened!

    There is no should, there is no forumla, there is no standard to life. Sometimes hard times happen. Sometimes things fall apart financially. There is no “if; then” syntax for life. That’s the type of BS they sell in bogus self help books.

    Yes you sounded rude. And no, you weren’t right. I think the point you meant to make was: The author should have made a better evaluation of the circumstances prior to committing.

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