Let’s Emerge from Our Rabbit Holes and Soak up the Sun

The weekend is God’s gift to the working girl. It is the long awaited exhale to a long and exhausting week of traffic, rain, cubicle jungles wit2497433704_2143300ca3h beige colored walls and beige colored people wearing beige colored suite (it reminds me of a dream I once had about being lost for days in the Gap).
But now, it’s Friday and tomorrow is suppose to be gorgeous and sunny and warm! My suggestion? Take your dog and a kite and a red and white checkered blanket and a six pack to Penn Treaty Park , the hidden gem of Philadelphia.
Oh! Another thing that excites me about the warm weather is the fact that soon all of the very handsome and very broke bike messenger boys will be out roaming up and down the streets of the city once again with their flannel shirts and tattoos and mustaches and ten speeds. Maybe this year none of them will run their bicycle into my car and leave a dent in the front passenger door…
So, corporate warriors of Philadelphia, let your hair down this weekend. You have fought the good fight for the last five days. Now it’s time to have some fun!


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