City Hosts Annual Rock-Paper-Scissors Face-off

619448051_lI cannot do a lot of things. I cannot cook, or drive a stick-shift, or perform brain surgery, or bowl, or ever win at Monopoly. I can, however, write a twenty-page dissertation on William Blake’s To the Muses, ride a horse bareback, and I am awesome at Rock-Paper-Scissors.

            When I first heard that Philadelphia was going to be hosting its own season long Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored Rock-Paper-Scissors City League Championship tournament, I was beside myself with giddiness. Not only is Rock-Paper-Scissors a game I always win, but the Winner of the Championship event gets $1000! You do, however, need to score enough points to qualify through the season to be invited to play. A person could buy twenty new pairs of shoes with that money or could pay two months worth of (cheap) rent!

            Contestants are allowed to organize their own teams and compete in weekly face-offs with other competitors at different bars across the city including Dirty Franks, the Dive and th Raven Lounge. Competitors wishing to form a new team can submit a new team registration request via email requestto urbanus(at)rpscityleague(dot)com and all teams must have a minimum of two players. The runner up will recieve a $250 prize, and

and the person who accumulates the most points during the 2009 season will receive $100.

This is something every young person in the city should be apart of. We could transform the tournament into an all out Rock-Paper-Scissors war, complete with sneak attacks from behind trees and parked cars to drive-by’s. I think It’s an amazing idea.



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  1. Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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