I want a make-believe one week relationship

We suspect that most twenty-somethings have been in their fair share of relationships, and mostproposal-1-71 of the time, aside from the Nicholas Sparks love or a major catastrophe in which you should never return to the scene of the crime, most relationships follow the same boring plot. And it’s not just you, it’s your friends, your enemies; it’s pretty much everybody on Earth. And who among us when confronted with a status quo relationship (whether it be your own dreary love life or a close friend’s) has not thought “Can’t I just fast forward to where we breakup now?”

Well, in the real world it’s not that easy, unless you let them catch you in bed with a handsome European or surfing Plentyoffish.com. But anything can happen in the world of conceptual art! Philly-based artist Ellie Brown has taken speedy weddings to a whole new level with her Seven Day Conceptual Relationship. In just a week, Brown will take her audience through the motions of a standard modern relationship, from initial attraction to falling head over heels in love to getting engaged to getting married to, in the end, divorce. On Friday on her Blog, Ellie mused about pre-wedding jitters and her bachlorette party. We tip our bonnets to Ellie’s bravery and just hope that all relationships that go sour can end, well, within the week’s end.



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